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Many people enjoy whiskey with a "splash," or "on the rocks."

                                   But you don't want your good whiskey served ice cold, or over-diluted

Try Plunks!

Plunks are not your average whiskey stone. When frozen, a thin layer of ice surrounds each stone. As the 1/3 ounce of ice slowly melts into your whiskey, it releases and enhances the flavor. And the stone remains. 

Your drink stays cool (not cold) without ever becoming over-diluted. 

Featured by Whisky Advocate in their 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!!

ice encrusted whiskey stone

ice encrusted whiskey stone


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Each plunks order includes a patent-pending designed freezing tray and four whiskey stones

Add water and freeze. In about 40 minutes they are ready to use!

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